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retake n : a shot or scene that is photographed again


1 take back by force, as after a battle; "The military forces managed to recapture the fort" [syn: recapture]
2 capture again; "recapture the escaped prisoner" [syn: recapture]
3 photograph again; "Please retake that scene" [also: retook, retaken]

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  1. to take something again
  2. to take something back
  3. to capture or occupy somewhere again
    The army tried repeatedly to retake the fort they had been driven from.
  4. to photograph or film again


  1. a scene that is filmed again, or a picture that is photographed again


take again
  • Dutch: hernemen
take back
  • Dutch: terugnemen
  • Dutch: hernemen
film again
  • Dutch: opnieuw opnemen

Extensive Definition

A retake is a symbol used in musical notation. For the violin and other bowed string instruments it directs the performer of the music passage to lift the bow (leading to its informal name, a "lift") and reset it so that the bowing of the next note is the same as the previous note. It is commonly used to indicate a pause in bowing without using a rest. It is placed above the staff.

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boom shot, close-up, deuce shot, follow-focus shot, full shot, get back, group shot, kinescope, long shot, matte shot, medium shot, motion picture, pan shot, panoramic shot, process shot, ransom, rap shot, recapture, reclaim, reclaiming, reclamation, recoup, recoupment, recover, recovery, recuperate, recuperation, redeem, redemption, regain, regainment, renovate, reoccupation, reoccupy, replevin, replevy, repossess, repossession, restoration, restore, resume, resumption, retaking, retrieval, retrieve, revindicate, revindication, revival, revive, salvage, shot, take, take back, travel shot, trover, trucking shot, zoom shot
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